By clicking "submit" you (the applicant) hereby authorize any and all third parties (i.e. former landlords, existing and former employers, creditors, credit reporting agencies, law enforcement agencies, etc.) having information regarding the applicant, to disclose to Watercrest Investments (and any of its agents, affiliates and employees) any and all such information that may be requested by Watercrest Investments with respect to its investigation of the suitability of you (the applicant) for occupancy in a Watercrest Investments property.  Watercrest Investments is expressly authorized to seek and obtain such information. You (the applicant) hereby waive any and all claims, liabilities, or actions which may exist with respect to any such disclosure and forever releases all such third parties from any liability with respect to such claims.

The term “applicant” shall mean the party whose name and information is entered into the "Personal Information" section of the application, together with his or her spouse and all of his or her heirs, successors, assigns and administrators.  Additionally, the applicant hereby declares that the representations of fact in the application are true and correct. Applicant agrees that if any information herein contained is false, the application will be denied.

By clicking "submit" I confirm that I have read, understand and agree to the conditions of this application.

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